Our Values

The Rapha Project was born out of a desire to promote emotional health and well being, resilience, emotional intelligence and mental health awareness. We recognise that emotional health is a fundamental part of health, for individuals, communities and organisations. With growing concerns about emotional wellness, with increased numbers of people experiencing anxieties, stress, depression and other emotional health challenges, we see this as a core area for education, training and support.

We believe that it is important that we are focussed on providing intervention at the earliest stage, so that support is accessible and affordable when it is needed.  This means that we are committed to providing a high quality service that is cost effective.  Our practitioners are committed and qualified, and provide a safe space, to explore, grow and tackle life's challenges in a positive and nurturing manner.  All our practitioners are BACP registered and adhere to its principles of ethical pracitce.

We believe that the health of communities and organisation is embedded in emotional well-being, resilience- the ability to bounce back, how well stress is managed, levels of emotional intelligence,  and our responses to change and uncertainty.  We are committed therefore to working with individuals, communities and organisations in a creative and responsive manner, not only to deliver one to one counselling for adults, couples and children and young people, but we look for evidenced based creative and innovative approaches to enhance what we do. 

We deliver high quality programmes to raise awareness, to education, to explore best practices, and to engage discussion into the crucial areas of emotional health. We are also committed to individualising our support work, and provide expert coaching, mentoring and training services.